Have I just discovered a new self?
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My friend took a picture with this tag so I was looking forward for a shot like this.

#ユカタキドリ Just a little nervous.

I had never seen myself before wearing Yukata
next to a traditional fireplace like this.

かわいい帯 So many cute 
obis (kimono belts)

There is a lot of green here,
maybe red and pink will look good?

観光する、遊ぶ Settas (leather-soled sandals) with logo
ゆかた着て黒川温泉で癒される It's really relaxing.

Wearing Yukata and soothing in Kurokawa hotsprings is such a luxurious feeling.


The specialty ice-cream made with Jersey Milk was also delicious!

観光する、遊ぶ Dango sweets nicely 
suited for Yukata outfit
黒川温泉は、こんな道端でも映えるから不思議 I may have discovered
a new self

It's interesting how at Kurokawa hotsprings even this wayside is photogenic.
It was very fun taking pictures. #Yukatakidori
How about you?