Discovering a place like out of a picture book
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Minamioguni soba noodle specialty,and Aso red beef specialty are the norm.
Enjoying the view while eating at pizza or country food eateries, or at a lovely cafe.

南小国の風景 Do forest fairies exist?

There are sweets shops and sweets you can eat while walking.
There are so many things I want to try,
three meals a day is just not enough.

ピクルス I've never saw this souvenir before

Let's give the body weight scale a rest today.

あか牛ハンバーグ Red beef is awesome indeed
南小国のお土産 You can feel the producer's heart

locally made and consumed souvenirs are not sold anywhere else, it will be a hit.


At Minamioguni all store's dishes look great!

シュークリーム Just made is delicious♪
南小国のお土産 There are a lot of foods I've never eaten before

Delicious food and nature fused in one experience,
it's a new discovery for me!
I think they will like this souvenirs!