A little nervous, but looking forward
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Spending the night someplace which is not my house is exciting.The townscape I enjoyed during the day, has a new shine at night.

ホテル Lovely room♪

A small luxury in a traditional inn?
Embracing nature camping?
Experiencing townspeople life at a guesthouse?

桶とてぬぐい I also want to visit a lot of hot springs
黒川温泉 湯あかり

I think any of them will make for a fantastic night.
I feel it will be so.

ご馳走 Today's stay is a reward to myself
南小国の風景 This is so picturesque

I want to have a relaxing time while warming at the chimney in the loghouse.


There are many unique accomodations, it looks fun.
I wonder how is the "Soba noodle house accomodation" like?

こだわりのお蕎麦 Specialty soba noodles
大自然の中でお泊り finding a healed new self

"Accomodations in the middle of nature"
This one feels very luxurious when I think of it.
I want to come heal here again.