Hot springs
for a day visit

Oh~ A little rest♪
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Hot springs

Casually drop-by.
Looking for my "favorite"♪

温泉 Healing body and heart♪

Ah~ what a good bath♥
What shall we do next~?

猫 Feels so good~

What a tasty find!
Time for a treat
with my beloved sweets♪

立ち寄り湯 Exploring casually♪
ゆかた着て黒川温泉で癒される Surprisingly charming

The night townscape is magical and beautiful. A casual walk would be nice too.

黒川温泉 湯あかり

There are also famous events, looks like fun
How gorgeous would it be to actually be there

入湯手形 Surprisingly charming
黒川温泉は、こんな道端でも映えるから不思議 The joy of touring around♪

Hotsprings enjoyed together with the landscape
The feeling of my mind clearing up
healing, unwinding, resting...
it's an unforgettable experience.